Simple Act of Kindness

Acts of kindness stick with you. You don’t soon forget that a strange did for you. It can be as small as saying, “excuse me, your daughter dropped her hat.” Or as generous as buying you a cup of coffee.

Now, I’m sure most of you have heard of paying it forward. If you haven’t, it’s a brilliant concept. Someone does something nice for you, pays for your car wash, buys you a cup of coffee, gives you kind words. You pay it forward by doing something nice for someone else.

On Remembrance Day, I was chasing Scarlett around, trying to get her back in the stroller. Finally the little monkey was back in her stroller, now I was cold. Standing still as the strong wind blew. I was freezing. I couldn’t snuggle up against Drew because he was in uniform.

I was rubbing my hands together, because I forgot my gloves. I remembered to make sure everyone else was warm… but Mum forgot her gloves.

This man tapped me on my shoulder. You could see he was clearly just as cold as I was. He started to take off his gloves, “Miss, would you like my gloves, you look cold?” I must have stood there in complete shock because he said miss? I smiled and said, “Oh thank you but I am going to need my hands to open snacks for my daughter. I really appreciate the gesture.”

It has been a couple weeks now and I haven’t been having the best days but this act of kindness keeps me going.

To the kind man who offered me his gloves. Thank you for your kind gesture. I haven’t forgotten.

xoxo Ashley


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