Remembrance Day

photo credit: striatic via photopin

photo credit: striatic via photopin

It was never a questions as to weather or not my family would go down to the the cenotaph on Remembrance Day, we were there. As kids we thought it was a day off from school so we could sleep in. My Mom would sit on the end of the bed,

Men and women fought in weather worst than this so that you could sleep in this comfy bed and have nice things. Don’t you think that you can get out of bed, pay your respects for a couple hours?

Mom had a way of making you think about it. I’m glad that she encouraged me (and my sister) to go down there. I really didn’t understand a lot of it until I was older. But I knew that it was something important and I’m glad I went. I always learnt something new.

Remembrance Day hits a little closer to home now that my husband is military. I am proud to be married to a military man. They sacrifice so much for our safety. Most of the time we don’t realize just how much they give up to serve there country.

photo credit: wdwbarber via photopin

photo credit: wdwbarber via photopin

Do you know why Remembrance Day is celebrated on the 11th?

On Remembrance Day members of the armed forces (soldiers, sailors and airmen) are commemorated. This marks the date and time when armies stopped fighting World War I on November 11th at 11am in 1918 (the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month).

I hope that Scarlett can grow to learn to appreciate, respect and admire what people in the military serve have done, and continue to do. She will grow up to be very proud of her Daddy.

Please take a moment today, to remember and honour those who have fallen and for those who continue to serve.

 xoxo Ashley


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