photo credit: kalexanderson via photopin

photo credit: kalexanderson via photopin

When Drew gets home from sea, I’m curious to know how much Scarlett has changed to him. I see her every day. I see her develop and learn please and thank you. How to use a fork and spoon. I see her washing her toes in the tub and wash her own hair. I have seen these things happen.

How blown away will Daddy be to see his little princess becoming so independent.

I am going to cry like a little girl when I see how excited Scarlett is to see her Daddy. OK I’ve started early, where is a Kleenex!

I am very lucky to get to spend one on one time with Scarlett. I get to know her as a person. I understand what her little noises mean. They are slowly turning into words, but a stranger would look at her and not have a clue what she is trying to say.

Being a wife to a Navy man is no easy task but the rewards are unimaginable. You get to see so much love come out all at once.

Have you ever been to a homecoming? All the family and friends standing on the jetty waiting for the sailor to come home. Oh what an amazing feeling and energy you get to experience. Tears of joy. The hardest and biggest hugs you ever seen. The little kids don’t let go. The wives can’t contain themselves and are just beyond overjoyed to have their spouse home.

I have been counting down with Scarlett how many sleeps until Daddy gets home. I am fairly certain she understands. She has been walking around with her family book, showing me her picture of Daddy. She will sit and stare at his picture for a while and just whisper Dada.

This will be the first homecoming that Scarlett can react too. Daddy better prepare for a whole lot of love from his little princess (and more than likely a lot of drool).

Scarlett & Daddy - 4 days old

Scarlett & Daddy – 4 days old

xoxo Ashley


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