Her Shadow


My daughter and I went to the park one afternoon. As we were walking towards the playground, Scarlett discovered something, her shadow. When she first saw it, she stopped dead in her tracks. She wiggled her head, her shadow wiggled too. She waved at the shadow, it waved back. She giggled. She looked at me with a big ol’ smile on her face.

We continued to walk towards the playground. As we walked over, she walk through the trees shadows, meaning Scarlett shadow disappear, she noticed immediately. She let go of my hand and bent down, trying to grab it, looking for it. She looked at me and asked me in her adorable little voice “where is it”, there were hand motions and everything. She was becoming very upset. I was trying to explain to her what a shadow was. That in its self was a funny story. She kept asking where it was. I thought she was going to start digging for it.

She refused to move until she found her shadow. I moved out of the trees shadow. “Look Scarlett” I pointed to my shadow. She looked very confused. She ran over. She looked down, her shadow was back. Biggest smile consumed her face. She danced, and wiggled and fell over with so much excitement. She wiggled all the way to the slide. She was so happy to have her shadow back.


Who knew a shadow could make a child so happy. Me I take it for granted, I don’t pay attention to my shadow anymore. When did that happen?

This moment made me so happy and proud to me a Mum. She is so observant and curious (about everything). Moments like these are so precious and rare, and its these moments that make me grateful and really appreciate the littlest things (like a shadow).


xoxo Ashley


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