The Monkey & I

Getting into a new routine, what a chore. Drew was away for 3 days and I was spinning. This had to get done, that needs to be done too, don’t forget this… WOW!!!!! Amazing what happens when half the team is away.

photo credit: jdhancock via photopin

photo credit: jdhancock via photopin

But the silver lining of this for this experience is that we are making it, couple of tear but fewer doubts.

When I moved out of my parents house, I moved in with a friend from high school. We lived in a one bedroom condo. We turned the office into my room. It was small and hot! I had to buy fans to keep cool in the winter. It was time to get a place of my own.

I found a place to call home, and it was like a cave… no seriously a wall in my bachelor suite was rock, bed rock. It was nice a cool. It was home. I started spending the night at Drew’s more and more and one day Drew said to me, why don’t you move in with me! I thought about it, I more or less lived there anyways. I was paying rent for a closet.

So really, I never lived on my own. I lived in the closet cave for 6 months and I slept in my own bed for 6 nights.

Not to sound like I’m spoiled but I have never really had to take care of myself. Yes I do laundry. Yes I can cook extremely basic meals (I must say, I do rock at breakfast foods). Yes I clean the house. Now I have a little monkey running around and I take care of her, no problem. I’m just use to Drew making dinner while I get home. Helping, if not always, preparing lunches. Making sure the dog has food and water. Just little things that get done around the house, that now have to blend into one routine.

This week I complete forgot to put out the recycling (like I knew I would). Once or twice the dog whined at me to go out because our bed time routines are off (I expected that though).

I have sent reminders in my calendar for almost everything in my life. All Scarlett’s daycare activities. What sort of shoes does she need? Does she need extra snacks? Will she need a hat, sunscreen, raincoat?

What did we do with out our phones reminding us when something needs to be done!

Yes it’s difficult and it’s really hard, especially when you are going on little to no sleep but we’re doing it. I am proud of myself. I rely so heavily on my husband to help out with Scarlett but to know that I can do it on my own, that makes me feel invincible. And what makes it even better is that Scarlett giggles every day (still).

Scarlett and I are counting down the days until Daddy gets home. We can make it on our own but we prefer Daddy to be home with us.

xoxo Ashley


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