Military Wife

For a civilian working Mum life is hard. You have to make sure that everyone is where they need to be. Everyone is fed, clothed and happy.

For a military wife, we have a couple of odd complication to our life with kids. My husband is sailing for the next little while. Nothing out of the ordinary for us, except the fact now that  we have a daughter. I work about 30 mins (with no traffic) from home. Drew does the drop off, which is extremely helpful because I’m in the office, at my desk by 6:00am.

When Drew goes away, I will be doing everything. Drop off pick up, dinner, bath time, time outs, play time, etc… I did all this before I went back to work, why am I so freaked out? I know I can handle this and I think that it just need to happen so that I stop stressing out about it.

It’s not easy being a working Mum, you encounter so many difficult obstacles.

I don’t want to take advantage of my friends, family and even coworkers generosity. But at the same time, I have to prove to myself I can do this with no help. Why? I have no idea, just the way that I am wired.

I get all these emails  from various baby sites/ magazines and they all say 10 ways to improved your babies eating. 5 tips on how to get your baby to sleep. Playdate activities. You get the point, not one of these articles has ever had an article for “You’re a working Mum, with a husband in the military, here is the answer to all the questions you’ve been looking for!” Ok maybe that is way to specific but there are no articles like that.

If anyone out there has the secret to it all for a military wife/Mum how to do it all and stay sane, please share.


xoxo Ashley


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