Falling for Fall

Fall is here! Finally. Cooler weather. Colourful leaves. Yes the rain has arrived as well. But oh, the air in the morning is starting to smell crisp. And with fall means that two of my favorite holidays are coming…

Thanksgiving and Halloween.

photo credit: kalexanderson via photopin

photo credit: kalexanderson via photopin

I am just going to go ahead and say it, October is my favorite month.

Leafs changing colour and then you get to hear them crunch beneath your feet as you walk and enjoy a delicious fall drink. All the pumpkins are growing getting ready to be gobbled up or craved up. All of your summer clothes get packed away, and you begin to pull out your scarfs and boots. You want to snuggle up with a blanket and listen to the rain fall. Such a soothing sound isn’t it.

Mmm. Not to mention all the soups that gets made. Squash soup. So easy to make and so delicious! You get to pull out your Thanksgiving pants. Thanksgiving pants… yes for when you eat entirely too much turkey and pumpkin pie, the pants grow with you. Oh my goodness! My tummy is getting to excited and its still 2 weeks away.

Yes Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and sadly my amazing husband is always away (usually in the USA – funny that he’s in the states for a Canadian holiday). We usually get a Thanksgiving Skype in to celebrate. But I’m surrounded by friends and family and that is exactly what I love about Thanksgiving. You all get together to enjoy a delicious meal and be with the ones you love.


photo credit: east_mountain via photopin

photo credit: east_mountain via photopin

Then comes Halloween!

When I was about 12 or 13 my Mum said that we could dress up as whatever we like as long as we were dead or really scary. You want to be a cheerleader, ok, you will be a zombie cheerleader. I loved it! I think that is a Halloween clause I will use with Scarlett. I think she is still too young to trick or treat but she is still going to have a costume.

Oh October! Such a beautiful month.

xoxo Ashley


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