Dear 18 Year Old Self

photo credit: lego fenris via photopin

photo credit: lego fenris via photopin

My 10 year grad reunion was just this past summer. Though I did not attend (I was on a fishing trip with my Dad), it got me thinking about how far I have come and all the possibilities that I still have to look forward too!

Here are a few things that I might go back in time and tell my 18 year old self.

  1. High school is the end of a chapter, not the end of your life. Life gets so much better after high school.
  2. Take a year off from school. Figure out what you want to really do, rather than wasting money
  3. Travel more while you have little to no responsibilities
  4. If your parents don’t approve of Mr. Right Now, chances are it won’t last.
  5. You don’t even know it, but the amazing man you are going to marry is already in your life
  6. Forgive, but never forget. Life is short to carry around to much anger
  7. Break free and be yourself.  This is something I wish I had ever, braced sooner, much , much sooner
  8. Tell Mum  how much you love and appreciate her. She does more for you than you’ll know (right now).
  9. Tell your sister that her choices now, will ripple into hard times but eventually smooth out. Reassure her you will always be there for her.
  10. Work on being more confident. Don’t let guys push you around, you’re better than that. This is a hard lesson, but one worth learning. Maybe just learn them faster.

On second thought, I wouldn’t tell my 18 year old self a thing. I love where I am in life. I have a beautiful daughter, who is healthy and oh so very happy. I have a loving and supportive husband who always keeps me laughing. An amazing job, a roof over our head, food in our tummy’s. Friends to laugh and make memories with.

If I change get one thing about the way I got here, I may not appreciate what I have now. I had a great childhood, amazing parent. Just some silly and stupid choices as a young girl growing up, but hey, who didn’t.

I don’t think I want to jeopardize that/this. I would just tell my 18 year old self, keep going, it maybe get ugly but it will be so worth it.

photo credit: jdhancock via photopin

photo credit: jdhancock via photopin


What would you tell your 18 year old self? Or would you even say anything at all?


xoxo Ashley


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