Laundry with Pods! #Tide

When I found out we were going to be parents, things in the house changed. All the cleaning supplies and other chemicals moved from under the sink and went up to the high cupboard. Tupperware moved to the lower shelves. All the heavy serving dishes went all into a cupboard that then got a baby lock on it (a baby lock I have difficulties opening). We purchases a new oven, it has a feature on it that you can lock the door. Safety became a priority in my house.

It seems that you are always trying to protect your child from things in your house. Gate on the stairs. Covers for the plugs. You can do it all. They are still going to find away to get hurt, fall down, get into something they aren’t suppose too  but chemical and cleaning supplies are always going to be out of reach.

I absolutely hate how messy liquid fabric softener/soap is. It gets everywhere, even when you are being really careful and paying attention. It says ‘X’ amount of loads, but it never is. You pour to much into the load, I suppose that means things are going to be really clean. I don’t know about you, but I have put the soap where the fabric soften is suppose go to more then once.

My husband came home with a new Tide product (well new to me).


This product has made my life so much easier. Open the lid, take out a pod, throw it in the washing machine, hit start & BAM! washing is good to go!

Seriously, I am all for things that make my life easier because with a little monkey running around,  thing take longer to do and seem to have more steps involved to get what ever it is your doing, done.

Its soap and fabric softener, ALL IN ONE!!! It works with cold wash and HE machines. And here is an added bonus, its cheaper then buying soap AND fabric softener. This one is for 90 loads and it’s about $20.

Another added bonus, it’s not easy to open for kids. It has multiple clips that take coordination for even me to open. Who ever designed this container, has kids! (Or had kids I  mind).

So thank you Tide for

  1. Making a great product
  2. Taking safety into consideration
  3. Making a simple packaging. It fits nicely in my laundry/soap basket
  4. Making it affordable.

A+ in my books!

xoxo Ashley

**Tide did not sponsor this post. I am just really happy with this product and wanted to share.


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