How I Got My Start

A fellow blogger recently asked me how I got my start in blogging.

The few months that lead up to me going back to work were very hard for me. I was nervous, excited and well, really nervous. Questions. Doubt. Panic. All these emotion flooded me. Was I doing the right thing? What type of Mum would I be leaving my child?

I started to write a journal to just get my emotion out. I felt sick holding them in, so I wrote them all down. To my surprise, I felt better. This was working. YAY ME!

I was sitting explain my fears and worries to Katie (the wonderful, amazing Auntie Katie, who watches Scarlett while I’m at work, she is also fellow military Mum – she gets me!), it hit me she was feeling the same way. Even though her job is at home, she was now a working/stay at home Mum, with double the trouble. We openly express our fears and concerns. It’s our children we are dealing with.

If we had the same worries and concerns, than there has to be others. So The Confessions of a Working Mum was born. I feel better sharing my thoughts. I feel better when other can relate. Maybe they can give me incite on a current problem that I am standing in the middle of and can’t see past. Maybe I have blogged about a problem or issue that you are currently in the middle of that you can’t see past.

I still have doubts and fears but it’s how I handle them that make me more (or less) confident the next time. I am human after all.

How did you get your blogging start?


xoxo Ashley


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