“Great Job” “Awesome Work”

I am so sick of seeing negative headlines. “10 Things Mum’s are Doing Wrong”, “How to Tell If Your Parents Messed You Up”, “5 Things to Avoid When Talking to Your Child”.  These are all real article titles that I have seen in the last month. The list goes on but if I named them all, you would be just as frustrated as I am.

I’d love to see a headline that read,

10 Great and Wonderful Things Parents Are Doing.

But I suppose nobody wants to read about all the good people are doing, it’s too good for your soul, it’s too healthy.  As a society we would rather focus on the dark, horrible, cruel things in the world. Sadly, that is what sells. Ahh, I don’t want to go too deep into this topic, it’s to depressing.

 As a parent I doubt myself all the time, I don’t need to read about it as well.  I don’t need my family and friends joining in on that doubt. “Ash, I read this article that said don’t put sunscreen on your baby.”  Come on people, use your common sense.  I know these people think they are helping but that really, really aren’t. I think this is where a filter would come in handy. Mostly these helpful people are placing more doubt into my head, that isn’t their purpose but it sometimes the effect. If you read an article about an outbreak of a disease, that would be something I’d like to be away of. 

Am I using the right diaper?

Is this sunscreen high enough SPF? Is she getting enough protein?

Is that blanket going to rough on her skin?

Oh that rash looked  terrible. IT’S HEAT RASH. Would you like me to stick my child in a cooler? There is no winning in this world.

Seriously, these questions come up in my head all the time. Bottom line, am I doing right? The way I see it, I have a healthy baby, who loves to laugh. I am pretty flipping lucky.

So for all those parents out there who feel like I do! You are doing a great job.

Your child is happy and healthy, you are luckier than you know. Be grateful and smile. Give you kids a big hug and a kiss.


xoxo Ashley


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