10 Gross Things Mums Do

Before I was a Mum, I did not know how I was going to wipe snot up, clean up all the poop that comes out of such a little person. I had no idea how I was going to do it because it is so gross. But I am now a Mum and I do it every day. It no longer grosses me out, it doesn’t make me cringe. Anyone other then my child, yea, it grosses me out but not as much as it use too.

Here are my top 10 gross things Mum’s do.

  1. Wipe up snot- I don’t even like my own snot, let alone someone else. When cold season hits, the snot is EVERYWHERE. I gave up on kleenxe and just use my hand now.  
  2. Clean up poop – Before I was a Mum the thought of this make me want to throw up. I think when baby is born your stomach becomes stronger to handle the smell, texture, the consistence of the poop.
  3. Throw up – I just let it happen now. Before I would try and clean it up as Scarlett threw up. Now I just stand there, rub her back and let it happen. The smell is horrible, the chunks make it even worst but it doesn’t bother me (as much).
  4. Spit up – spit up is completely different then throw up. In my opinion it’s worst because sometime you don’t even know it’s happened and you have this white stream down you back. It’s only until you go out in public does anyone say anything to you and thats when you figure out what that smell was.
  5. Drool – some people have hard time with drool, its not has gross as throw up or poop but it’s a bodily function and it gets EVERYWHERE.
  6. Face to the bum – Us Mums get our faces right in there to smell for poop. “Did you poop?” “I smell poop” SNIFF!!! “Yup, you pooped” 
  7. Don’t put that in your mouth –  I don’t know about you but I don’t like putting my own fingers in my mouth, let alone someone else’s. This one I have hard time with. You don’t always have time to clean your hands to put in there mouth. Scarlett is always putting something in her mouth she shouldn’t be, I don’t think my hands have ever been this clean.
  8. Unwanted food – “Here try this!” chew chew “Oh you don’t like it, great” I don’t know how many times, I’ve cupped my hand and Scarlett spat everything into my hand.
  9. Picking there nose – That is a rather large booger hanging from your nose.
  10. Investigate Poop – “Is it suppose to be that colour?” ” Why does it look like that?” “It’s really runny” 


Tell me, what is the grosses thing you’ve ever done?


xoxo Ashley


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