Miss Independent

Everything is hard before it is easy – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Scarlett amazes me every day, even her temper tantrums (which seem to be more and more).

I watch her get into mischief. A year ago she shouldn’t walk, couldn’t roll over, she couldn’t even lift her head. I had to do everything for her. I’m her Mum, I’m always going to want to do things for her but the other day I was putting on her shoes. She was watching with such concentration. I think I heard the wheels turning.

Later that evening, we were getting ready for a bath. I picked her up off the floor and she had a shoe in her hand, I put her on the change table and she was trying to put the shoe on. She un did it, just like I do. She had the strap out of the way, just like I do. She had her little tongue out the side of the mouth, OK sometimes I do that too. She was trying so hard to get this shoe on, I offered to help but NOPE didn’t want my help. I stood there and watched her. She finally got it on and the look of YES MUM I DID IT!!! LOOK! LOOK! That was an amazing look.

She is gaining independence. It’s a bitter sweet thing.

The way I look at it, we are raising a person. Us as parents are teaching her skills to survive in this crazy place we called a world. She can go anywhere, do anything and be anyone she wants to be.

I want to teacher her so much. I want to share my experiences with her, but I do have to remember that she will have to learn lessons on her own, in her own way. That I think will be the hardest for me. I think I know how my Mum felt now. Oh no! I’m in trouble!

My little Miss. Independent.



xoxo Ashley


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