DIY Day – Pretty WashCloth

I honestly haven’t looked much lately at food. When the heat comes, I lose my appetite. Instead of Tasty Thursday, I’m doing DIY Day!

photo credit: kalexanderson via photopin

photo credit: kalexanderson via photopin

Now that Scarlett is becoming a little more independent, I can start doing my crafts and hobbies again. It’s been about 6 – 9 months since I have touched my crafts. Funny how your child starts to become mobile, your hobbies and crafts fall to the way side. Now that she is starting to pick up a book and spend 20 minutes flipping through them, it gives me a chance to unwind a little.

I pulled out my knitting needles and found this amazing wash cloth pattern from Creating Laura.

Most wash cloths are boring and really not appealing. But this pattern is beautiful. It’s elegant and fun.

Photo Credit: Creating Laura. Laura was generous enough to let me use her photo.


I had a similar pink yarn at home, so now I have a new set of wash cloths at home. Took me about 45 mins (this is with the wee one running around and pulling on my knitting needles, using them like a sword) to do one. Plus my knitting skills are a little rusty.

Be sure to visit Creating Laura, here is a link for her Washcloth Knitting Pattern.


xoxo Ashley


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