A Little Alone Time

Scarlett and I went to my girl friends baby shower for the day, leaving Drew to do what he’d like. A rare and beautiful thing for a parent. There is always somewhere to go, something to clean or sometime that needs to be done.

My husband, while making dinner, suggested that he take Scarlett for a run or walk every now and then so that I can have some baby free time. OH MY GOODNESS, this is like winning the lottery. I didn’t hesitate, though I thought this was a prank of some sort. I can do some crafts. I can read more then 1 page in my book. I could bake or make some jam. I could have a nap if I really wanted to. Oh the possibilities are endless.

I alway get really jealous when Scarlett and I go to a function and Drew get’s to stay at home and do what ever he’d like. Sometimes Mum’s need some time alone in the house too.

Seriously, my husband is amazing! This is like birthday, Christmas and an anniversary all wrapped into one.

I can’t wait for the weekend. What shall I do first? Paint? Knit? Read?

xoxo Ashley


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