Birthday Extravaganza

Birthdays always make me feel so loved! Though they have changed over the years.

When you are 22 years old, it’s a big deal. You invite everyone, and their sister, out for cocktails at a fancy hotel bar, then you move to a late dinner and then you dance until the sun comes up. You are dressed to impress and you dance like no one is looking!

This year my birthday was a little different. No fancy hotel bars, no 20 plus people, no dancing until the sun comes up. Drew took me out for dinner and it was delightful. I got to get all dressed up, lipstick and everything, I even got to eat with two hands and no baby  garbing food off my plate. It was amazing. I forgot what a grown up conversation was like. No screaming. No food flying across the table. No little fingers creeping across the plate. That in its self was the best present a Mum could get.

The following day the whole family got together for lunch and cake.

Home made cake by my Mama

Homemade cake by my Mama

It was a beautiful day at the lake. Fun, Family & Friends. Good Food. Sunshine. It was a little slice of heaven out there. Scarlett was playing in the water all day. She loved every moment of it.


Everyone on the beach.

Everyone on the beach.

The celebration went well into the evening. Lots of laughs. Many memories. My face hurts from laughing and smiling so much.

Scarlett found Auntie Tara in her tent.

Scarlett found Auntie Tara in her tent.

One thing that I love best about being at the lake is the quiet mornings. The beauty in the peace and quiet.

Beautiful morning at the lake

Beautiful morning at the lake

My 28th birthday was a new experience as far as birthdays go but it was a happy one. It was truly an amazing weekend, full of love and laughter. I got to spend time with my wonderful husband, just him and I (I believe that is called a date). My Mum made me (and my step Dad, we share a birthday) and yummy delicious cake. My daughter got to spend time with her family. It’s the simple things in life that really mean the most.

So much love.

So much love.

xoxo Ashley


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