The Collector of Hobbies

I am so very proud of my husband.

I am always poking fun at him for his hobbies. He has many, many, many hobbies. The joke is that, his hobby is collecting hobbies.

My hobbies are minimal. Photography. Running. Yoga. Writing. Drew’s hobbies are everything in between. He loves to learn and experience everything that is offered to him. Sometimes his hobbies are a wee bit expensive and at times, consume him, but what ever it is that he is ‘hobbing’, it makes him happy.

His latest hobby – he wrote a book! Yes, an actual book. Appropriate Detachment. Now if there is one thing that you should know about Drew is that he is extremely calm. In fact, he is that disturbingly calm person in any situation. So what is the book he wrote about — stress management.

My theory on self improvement is this, if you (for example) wanted to get fit would you choose the personal trainer who is sloppy and sort of, maybe fit or would you choose the personal trainer who practices what they teach! (Or live by).

Photo Credit: Drew Torchia

Photo Credit: Drew Torchia


Since Drew has come into my life, I have been calmer, I stress less (doesn’t mean I don’t stress, I just stress less) and I smile more. These are all healthy, positive things that everyone should have in there life.

Life is short. Buy the book 🙂

xoxo Ashley



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