10 Reasons Why Mum’s Make Awesome Project Coordinators

10 Reasons Why Mum’s Make Awesome Project Coordinators

  1. Organization – Being a Mum you must keep things organized or you’ll go a little kooky trying to find where her favourite monkey is and then won’t go to sleep. Being a Project Coordinator, or a PC, if you aren’t organized your whole world falls apart
  2. The ‘Tone’ – There is no need to yell, with a stern voice and using ‘the tone’ simply say the child or persons name. It’s like magic. ‘The Tone’ is also referred to as the ‘Mother’s Voice’. With practice and years of experience, you will soon on have to shoot ‘The Look’.
  3. Negotiation – Sadly it must be done. Nothing gives you greater resolve in negotiations than having a child. If you can say no to the person you love most in the world, what hope does someone on the phone have of making you feel sorry for them?
  4. Please Clean Up Your Mess – if you make a mess clean it up. It’s just conmen scene. My 1 year old is cleaning to clean, it’s pretty adorable. My line now at work is, Really, you didn’t clean up after yourself. My 1 year old daughter can do it, I’m pretty sure you can too!
  5. Student/Teacher – As you are trying to walk through the step as to how to make the car go round and round, you could learn something in the process. This is an ever day occurrence for me, as I am trying to teach something, I learn something new in the process. It’s very fascinating. Peas go in your mouth, not your nose. The fascinating part of it how far the pea can get up the nose of a one year old.
  6. Creativity – Yes in both world much creativity is needed. Whether it is trying to find a way for two children to get along or coordinating work between sub trades, creative problem solving saves the day!
  7. Resilience – Being a Mum you can put up with just about anything and still keep a cool head.  This means that when things fall apart on a project you can still get the job done, and put the pieces back together. Thick skin and a short memory – this can do wonders some days.
  8. Work load – The job of being a Mum never stops, even after your children go to bed you have to prepare for the next day.  My ask list at work seems much more manageable now by comparison.
  9. Adaptability –  Throughout the phases of growth, a child can be a totally different person from one day to the next, this required you to adapt and be the right parent for the job every day.  There are endless applications for these skills on a job site, as the tasks change and problems arise you need to be able to coordinate all of the pieces and succeed every time.
  10. Reciprocity – Just as being a Mum makes me a better project coordinator, being a project coordinator makes me a better Mum.  Sometimes I feel as though I am growing and building a “parent” set of skills that make me better at my job and better with my child.

Sometimes being a Mum is easier then a Project Coordinator and visa versa. Then there are those days where you see someone walking down the street and you want to be that person just for a little while, until the milk is cleaned up and the emails stop coming in at such an alarming rate.


xoxo Ashley


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