Mother’s Guilt

Scarlett was home sick with her Dad a couple weeks ago. I went to work. Drew gets paid sick days, I don’t. So logically that makes sense. Well,  the guilt I felt was a little overwhelming. Isn’t a Mum supposed to stay home with the sick kids? Should a Mum be there for all the snuggles? To rub there back? Rock them to sleep and whisper a lullaby to them? I wish I was home to do that, but I suppose being a working Mum these are some of the challenges that I’m going to face.

My Mum happen to text me asking how Scarlett was feeling that day.

Me: Scarlett is still a bit warm but no fever. She was projectile vomiting last night but so far so good today. Drew is home with her.

Mum: And you

Me: I’m fine. I feel guilty for not being home with her

Mum: Guilt is such a mother thing

Me: It doesn’t go away does it?

Mum: Never. I felt guilty for not texting earlier

Me: Great! I’m screwed.


I know that the ‘Mother’s Guilt’ won’t go away but I am determined to figure out how to lessen the guilt. I’m sorry but I am not going to go through life feeling guilty, life is too short. I know Scarlett is in good hand when I leave her, I wouldn’t leave her in questionable hands.

Its 2014 there are working Mums. There are Mums who see their kids less than I do.

There are Dads that stay home while Mum goes to work.

Grandparents stay home with the kids while both parents work.

I am in a pretty good situation. I see my daughter every day and we play, we have dinner together and I get to see her all weekend! She is happy. Healthy. She is goofy and silly. So why do I feel guilty? I think no matter what situation I’m in, I will feel guilty.

Maybe this is a mother curse, “Mother’s Guilt”

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xoxo Ashley




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