Tick In The Box

Keeping it all together, what a thing.

Being a working Mum can be absolutely exhausting some days (well most days). I find that I get dates mixed up or forgot to pack a hat or missed a meeting time by an hour (in my defence I work in different time zones). I’m still working out the kinks. I am not perfect, ha, if I were this blog wouldn’t exist.

Couple of tricks for work to keep me organized

  • Using the Outlook Calendar with reminders
  • STICKY NOTES, brightly coloured sticky notes, different colours mean certain things
  • Whiteboards with lists and tasks
  • Excel spreadsheets WHAT would I do with Excel


It’s funny though, what I find works excellent at work, doesn’t work so well at home. Curious. Different dynamic I suppose.

Things That I find Helpful at Home

  • All dates/events/appointments goes into Google Calendar WITH a reminder
  • Grocery list is written on the fridge
  • Pack the night before for the next day

I know that some Mum’s (& Dad’s) write everything down. I use to do this but I found that Scarlett would get a hold of the paper and rip it up or eat it. I’ve had to adapt to Motherhood.

I am going to have to become much more organized when Drew sails. What I am most worried about is all the cooking. I do NOT cook. I get extremely overwhelmed and frazzled. I am a baker not a cook. I have been reading up on slower cooker recipes and kids lunches. To some, this may sound very silly, reading up on cooking but I need too. If I cook with out a plan, it’s very plain and boring and more then likely burnt.  I need direction. I need a recipe. I suppose this is one of those life challenges, who knew it was going to be cooking!

It will be an adventure.

Being organized can be time consuming, in the beginning but in the end you will be less stress and once you get a routine going, you’ll save time. At least, that’s how it is for me.

How do you keep your life organized?

xoxo Ashley



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