Parking Ticket. Bug Bite. Zit. Bump on Her Head.

Some days are just exhausting and then you have to get in your car and drive home. Through traffic. During rush hour. On an extremely hot day. AC doesn’t even cut it. Sun beating through your windshield. Your stomach starts to growl.

I left work an hour late.

I get into my car to find a parking ticket flapping in the wind, waiting for me. I‘ve parked in this spot for over 4 years…. oh they changed the parking rules in the area. Perfect!

I get home to a smiling happy baby… just kidding. I came home to a cranky, tired, hungry baby. But despite her mood, she put me in a better mood. Scarlett gives the best hugs, EVEN when she is being a Ms. Cranky-pants.

Dinner time. Everything got thrown on the floor. Drew and I try to have a conversation in between ear-pricing screams of a one year old.

How was your… AHHHHHHH day? 

It was  ahhhHHHHHHhhhhhh busy. But good. And ahhhhhHHHHHHHH you? 

We managed to got threw dinner with minimal hearing loss.

Bath time. YAY, everyone loves bath time!!! Ok so let’s get ready for a bath. What is that? Oh just a zip… ok. What is that? Oh a bug bite, are you sure? Oh …ok. What is that? Oh a bump on her head because she thought she was a professional dare devil at daycare. OK… 

When you have a child, there is NEVER a boring day.


xoxo Ashley


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