Tasty Thursday – Avocados Part 2

A couple weeks ago, I posted how to begin to grow an avocado tree from a seed. See Tasty Thursday – Avocados Part 1 here. Well this week, I’m going to walk you through how to plant that sprouting seed!

avacado cartoon 2

What you’ll need to transplant:

  • pot (with holes)
  • soil
  • Shredded newspaper

1. Prepare Pot. if your pot does not already have holes, make some, then line the bottom with newspaper to help with drainage.

My avocado seed moments before I plant it.

My avocado seed moments before I plant it.

2. Add plant and soil. Hoover the plant in the centre of the pot and add soil around the edges until roots are fully covered. Leave the top of the seed exposed.

Avocado seed in it's new home

Avocado seed in it’s new home

3. Find a home. Set the plant in any sunny spot. you can keep it outside if the temperature never drops below 4C.

4. Keep it going, and going… Water your plant regularly and give it plenty of sunshine.

5. Upgrade your pot or transplant outside. As your plant grows, you may need to find it a more suitable home where it can thrive.

Tips & Facts.

  • You’ll have better odds if you grow more than one plant at a time.
  • Use loose soil when transplanting, and wet your soil a little before sprinkling into your container.
  • Avocado plants can take anywhere from 3 – 15 years to fruit.
  • The larger the container the larger your plant will grow.
  • Plants grow best in distilled, spring or rain water.
  • You can tell if your plant is getting too much sunlight because the leaves will start to turn brown.

xoxo Ashley



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