Toys will be Toys

When I was a little girl I loved Disney movies, the damsel in distress was always saved by the handsome Prince. I would spend hours playing with my Barbie’s. My sister and I would play house with them, or sit and dress them in the million and 1 outfits we had for them. Under the stairs we had our ‘house’ set up. Kitchen set, dolly beds. I was a girly girl if you looked at this aspect. When I would go to my friend Cory’s house, trying to get him to play Barbie’s or watch princess Disney movie, nope not going to happen. We played Ghostbusters, or sword fights, we’d go on adventures in the woods. Fishing, videos games, cars. We played boy games. Sometimes on the rare occasion we’d play something girly with a twist of a boys imagination.

Now, I have a nerdy side. Love Star Wars, Marvel, DC, enjoy a video game here and there AND IT’S FUN. I am also a girly girl, I love to shop, trying on make up, wearing pink. You can do both!

Photo Credit: goodygoodytutus

Photo Credit: goodygoodytutus

I was looking for a birthday present for Scarlett and everything was pink and princess. I was getting rather annoyed. I have nothing against pink and princess but if I have no other options, how is she supposed to form her own identity?! I walk down the girl isle of the box toy stores (first mistake if you want to think outside of the box). It’s all pink. Princess. Dolls. There was even a child size vacuum, really if you want to vacuum, I’ll give you the real thing, it goes down in size. But my point is you could tell it was the ‘girls’ section.

I wondered into the boys area to see what I could find. Same thing only for boys.

Thank god for Fisher Price. Drew and I got her this awesome windy race car track. We picked out boy and girl cars (Drew wanted to play too).

Hours of entertainment

Hours of entertainment

I don’t want to take away all the princess things from Scarlett. I’ll admit I loved playing dress up, putting on horrible makeup and hairspray and having tea with all the stuffed animals for HOURS. But I loved running around playing Ghostbusters. During my pregnancy I watched Star Wars many, many times.

photo credit: TutusToTheRescue

photo credit: TutusToTheRescue

The day when Scarlett comes up to me asked to be Darth Vader for Halloween but she wanted people to know she is a girl Darth Vader. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I can’t wait to make that costume.

Who is your favourite superhero?

xoxo Ashley


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