Bucket List #9 – Gone Fishing

When I was little, my Dad took me fishing on the ocean. OH did I hate it, I was green in the face and puking the whole entire time. I didn’t want to go. So naturally I hated fishing, this was all I knew of fishing.

Years later, for girl guides I wanted to get my fishing badge. One morning, I climbed in the truck and off we went. I was dreading this. We showed up to a lake. He remembered me and the ocean didn’t really get along. We fished from the shore. That day I caught a rainbow trout. I was so very proud of myself. Then I got to clean, wasn’t my favourite part but I did it. That is one of my favourite memories.

Enjoying the amazing day.

Enjoying the amazing day.

I recently wrote an entry about my 30 before 30 and on there was that I wanted to learn to fish (again). I called up my Dad and we went fishing.

Turnbow Lake

Turnbow Lake

We went out Port Alberni way and hit the dirt roads. When we got out of the truck, the smell of fresh air was so intoxicating, my childhood came rushing back to me. The air was so crisp. The water so clean, I could see 20 ft out and right to the bottom. The birds and the bees were singing a sweet tune.

I forgot what it was like to be unplugged. No cell reception. No emails. No text messages coming in. It felt amazing.

Beautiful river we found.

Beautiful river we found.

The last spot of the day that we stop at was a river. We hadn’t caught anything. I wasn’t disappointed though, I was just happy that I got to spend the day with my Dad. I got to be the kid. I didn’t have to change a diaper. I didn’t have to cut up food for the wee one and feed her. I got to be out in the woods, a daughter and her Dad.


If you look really hard, you can find a fish in this picture

If you look really hard, you can find a fish in this picture

My Dad and I were about to leave and I felt a tug on my line. I CAUGHT A FISH!!!! It was huge… if I were the size of an ant it would be a feast. For the size of me though, the little fish was about 6 inches. BUT the point is I caught a fish. I let the little guy go.

I felt like a kid again when I felt the fish on the line. OH MY GOODNESS. I was such a rush. I’m not going to lie, I was very proud. I don’t care that the fish was only 6 inches.

Dad and I after a fantastic day of fishing

Dad and I after a fantastic day of fishing

I can’t wait to go back out fishing again. Next I think we’ll bring a canoe. And in a couple years Scarlett will get to come with us.


What is your most memorable childhood memory?


xoxo Ashley



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