30 before 30


When Scarlett was born, I started to look at my life, things I wanted to do, things I wanted to show her, teach her. I came up with my own bucket list. Only I did 30 before 30 and I’m working on a 40 before 40. For the record I’m 27, soon to be 28! I have 2 year to experience this list. The beauty of it, is that I get to do it with my friends and family.

  1. Be a tourist in my own city
  2. Enter a photo contest
  3. Explore the Galloping Goose
  4. Family trip to Tofino to watch the storms come in
  5. Camping Trip with Scarlett’s Grandpa & Grandma
  6. Vegas!!!!
  7. Girls weekend at a Spa
  8. Learn to surf
  9. Learn to fish (again)
  10. Learn to play chess
  11. read ‘Gone with the Wind’
  12. Run TC 10K
  13. See a live NHL game
  14. See a live NFL game
  15. Run Victoria Goddess 10K
  16. Snowmobile adventures
  17. Build sandcastles with Scarlett
  18. Take a French class
  19. Wine tour
  20. Take a writing class
  21. Have tea at the tea room with my Nana
  22. Visit Calgary, Ab
  23. Take a trip to Seattle
  24. Volunteer at a half marathon
  25. Watch all the Godfather’s
  26. Romantic weekend getaway with Drew (done)
  27. read ‘Pride & Prejudice’ (done)
  28. ride tour de Victoria
  29. work on my savings account
  30. read ‘ Picture of Dorian Grey’

Some people think this is a silly idea. I smile and continue on my way of life. I like having goals and events to look forward too.

Do you have a bucket list? What’s on your bucket list?

xoxo Ashley


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