Happy Birthday Scarlett


At 11:07pm I became a Mum. My world changed. My heart grew larger to hold all the love that I have for her, my spidie Mum senses heightened, my super hearing improved, my lightening fast reflexes were so fast you didn’t see the baby fall down. My biceps burned from holding Scarlett while she slept, but I didn’t want to put her down for fear of crying. My brain expanded to think like a child, to know what she was going to do before she did/does it. I developed the ability  to grow into a large green Mum when someone messes with my kid.

Mum & Scarlett. Just minutes old <3

Mum & Scarlett. Just minutes old ❤

I love everything about my daughter, including her temper tantrums. Every hair on her head. Every string of drool that lands on my arm. I love the rare moments that she still smells like a newborn baby.

Birthday parties are so important.  I think children bring us back to our roots. You remember the simple pleasures of life. Silence. Sleep. Eating dinner with two hands.  You made it another year. Your child is growing into a person, into a person that you are raising. Scary right! Oh it’s terrify but so rewarding.

The first day that we brought Scarlet home. I put her down in her crib to sleep, I went and sat out on the deck and it hit me, “WOW I’m a Mum. I am responsible for another person” I was scared and I felt the anxiety rising, like a thermometer on a hot day. I didn’t know how I was going to get through the next week, how was I going to do this?! The answer: A day at time. Some days I had to take it an hour at a time.

Scarlett & Daddy - 4 days old

Scarlett & Daddy – 4 days old

Scarlett has made me a better person. She has shown me to look at a situation from a different point of view. She makes me better at my job. I have even attempted to cook (I am not the chef in the household, I’m the baker). Everything I do, Scarlett has shown me a way to do it better, with love and kindness.

Happy Birthday my beautiful, smart, silly daughter.

I love you so much, I will spend the rest of my life showing you how much I love you.

Mum xox

xoxo Ashley


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