Planning a First Birthday


When I think of a kids birthday party, I think of balloons, games, those silly little hats, laughter, family and friends! Great, seems very achievable. I started to plan Scarlett’s birthday and felt a little overwhelmed. You want it to be just right, you want it to be fun and memorable but where do you start?

Well, a first birthday is really for the parents. Your child will only remember what you tell them and the pictures you show them.

Here is what I have done for my daughters first birthday party (so far).

  •  Invitations – Send out an invitation via email (for great grandparents give them a call or send a paper invitation). I was going to send out invitations via mail, but I couldn’t believe how much it was going to cost. It was a little silly to be honest. To print and mail was going to be around $80.
  • Games. For a first birthday you don’t really need games, unless you have older kids attending. I am going to have a couple lawn games for the adults to play. Keep it simple.
  • The Cake. Decide on a cake or cupcakes. Sugar or no sugar? Be sure to check out Tasty Thursday (June 19) for the cake recipe I used. Yum yum.
  • Food. Set out some platters of fruits and veggies, maybe a couple of bowls of chips.
  • Photo Booth. I’ve seen these at weddings, so why not at a birthday party!
  • Party Favours. Since it’s a sock monkey birthday party, the little party favours are little sock monkeys. There are tons of tutorials for how to make sock monkeys, however, I dropped the ball and had to buy them. Plan ahead.

At first I was a little overwhelmed but then I started to do one thing at a time and it all is starting to come together.

I can’t believe my little monkey is going to be a year old. I feel like just yesterday that Drew and I were making the announcement that we’re going to be parents.

xoxo Ashley




4 thoughts on “Planning a First Birthday

  1. 1. A first birthday is really for the parents – you said it. But it’s definitely important, especially for your first child. It’s another milestone reached.

    2. I love the idea of keeping it simple. Let’s celebrate this little life. We also made the birthday girl a cake to eat (destroy) on her own. Makes for stellar photos. Those photos are stellar for when a boyfriend comes around 16 years later.

    3. I like to think about how the child will later see pictures of their first birthday. When they realize it was about them, and about how thrilled their parents were to have a 1-year-old. I hope my kids look at their first birthday pictures and get the sense, as I do looking at mine, that many people loved me and wanted to be with me that day.

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