The Pink Monkey

Scarlett has this sock monkey stuffed animal that she doesn’t go many places with out. It was one of the many stuffed toys that she received when she was a baby.  She has other sock monkeys, but this is the one that she kisses and hugs every time you hand it to her.

Scarlett and her pink monkey

Scarlett and her pink monkey

I still have the teddy bear, that my Dad gave me when I was a couple days old, his name is MR. Bear. Scarlett has her pink monkey and we are already on monkey #2. The first one was lost on a mall adventure. By the time I realized it had jumped ship, it was too late, it was already gone. Scarlett’s Uncle Trevor tracked down another one for her and saved the day.

Pink Monkey & Mr. Bear

Pink Monkey & Mr. Bear

I have not named the monkey … I just call it “The Pink Monkey”. I’m waiting to see what she calls it, I am actually quite curious.

I noticed that by the time I went back to work that she became very attached to this monkey. Interested, I started to research why this may be. What it boils down to i, it’s a “security blanket” for her. It was her way of having stability for when I went back to work. “Mum isn’t around, OH but I have my monkey with me.”

Kids have their security blankets to help with stress, anxiety and security. I am just fascinated by this because Scarlett isn’t that old. She only has a hand full of words she can say but she is already figuring out how to handle and deal with stress and changing environments. Sometimes I think she is teaching more about stress management than anyone else.

xoxo Ashley



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