Mr.Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun

If your little one is like mine, they love playing outside and discovering new and amazing things. With spring turning into summer, we, as a family, are going to be outside a lot more now. This means teaching Scarlett about protecting herself from the sun.

When I was a kid, we might put sunscreen on once a day and be good for the rest of the day. Now! Now it’s multiple applications with stronger SPF. The rays are stronger, but the kids still want to play all the same. Scarlett was born in June, we spent a lot of time outside and in the shade that first summer. By the looks of it already, this summer is going to be all over the place, water, sun, shade, up a tree! The possibilities are endless.

Scarlett relaxing in her little pool!

Scarlett relaxing in her little pool!

Here are couple things you can do to keep your wee one protected from the sun.

  • Wide brim hat (with a strap). My daughter likes to pull of her hat off, so we need one with a strap to keep that bad boy on!
  • Take a break. When the sun is at the highest and hottest point, maybe break for lunch. Have a backyard picnic in the shade or take a break and go inside. Who knows you might get a nap in from all the hard playing!
  • Sunglasses. This one might be for older kids 2 and up, but you can try. Scarlett prefers to play with her sunglasses, not wearing them, just playing. I’m hoping she will figure it out on her own. But for now we’re sticking with the hat.
  • Protective Clothing. You can now purchase actual UV suits for kids, some have hoods. These are great for the beach. I had one for Scarlett when she was about 3 months old. It was great, it fit loose and had a hood! If you aren’t going to the beach, be sure to dress your kids in loose fitting clothes to avoid heat stroke.
  • Sunscreen. I keep sunscreen in the diaper bag. Now, if your baby is wiggly like mine, we try to make a game out of it, and by game I mean how long until she starts crying! I have found that if I distract her with a bottle or a toy it is MUCH easier to apply. Make sure it is a high SPF, the higher the SPF, the high the protection.  If this is your first time applying sunscreen to your child, test it on a small spot on them first to make sure there is no reaction. Do not apply sunscreen to babies younger then 6 months old. Reapply every couple of hours or right after they were in the water (even if it says waterproof).
  • Lip Balm. Don’t forget to protect their tiny little lips.

Personally, I’d rather be over-protective about hats, sunscreen and shade then deal with a baby/toddler who has a sun burn.

How do you and your family plan on enjoying the sun this summer?

xoxo Ashley


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