Please & Thank You

Please & Thank you

We have been working on ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ with Scarlett. When she is handing us something, we say ‘Please’ and when we hand her something, we say ‘Thank you’. Well at day care the other day, she started saying ‘thank you’. OH this melted my heart, (it was caught on video). She is pretty close to using it in the correct context but I’m just happy that she is learning how to say these words.

Manner appear to have gone out of style, so to speak. This I do not approve of. Manner don’t cost you anything to use, though sometimes they will cost you a lot when you don’t use them. What has happened to kids? Now I probably sound like a little old lady, but who cares. Manners go along ways.

I was taught you always say please and thank you. If you are invited over to someones house for dinner, you help clear the table, wash the dishes and put them away, even at family members houses. You hold the door open for someone, not rudely slam it in there face. If you have a large grocery load and the person behind you had a hand full of item, let them go in front of you. These simple gestures go a long ways. It’s not rocket science, it’s comment sense. Well to me anyways.

Why has youth today become so lazy, ignorant and rude?

If my parents ever caught me acting in a disrespectful manner, I’d hate to think of what my punishment would be. I can’t imagine what I would do if Scarlett was rude. Well disappointed would flow through my veins.

It’s not difficult to teach your children, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Here’s hoping the next generation of children learn some manners.

xoxo Ashley


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