Being happy gives you such a high and smile on your face. Why people choose to be miserable is beyond me. Life is short why not be happy? Life sucks? – Change it. Bored with your hobbies? –Get new ones. Do something about it. We live is a society that we have power to change the outcome on our life. We are very lucky to live in such a free country.

I don’t understand negative people, I really don’t. Why take a positive compliment and twist it into something ugly. “You look beautiful today!” – Ugh are you joking, look at …. Smile and say Thank you.

I stumbled across this challenge. #100happydays. The challenge is to post a picture through some form of social media (or if you are a private person you can email it in) for 100 days. Pick something in your life, every day that makes you happy. Yoga. Cup of coffee. Book. Your family. The possibilities are endless.

I told my husband what I was doing. He smiled and said “excellent!” I expected a big hour long chat about the statics to happiness or some cool new TedTalk he saw on happiness. To my surprise, I got a smile and a short and sweet answer.

I have joined the challenge and love it. You know how with some challenges you find it a chore to do, not this one, it’s easy! You can see my daily photo on my Instagram (top right of my blog).

Take the challenge!

What makes you happy?


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