Rock. Paper. Scissors.

Well it happened! The moment when your friend invited you out for a birthday dinner and one parent can’t go.

At first, I was looking forward to spending the evening with a glass of wine, a book and the joy of silence. Scarlett went to bed with no fuss. I settled into the comfy chair and was ready to relax for the evening. Somewhere along the way however, I managed to get into my head that everyone was out having fun and not a thought of me crossed my husbands mind.

Ahh my brain, it can be my worst enemy sometimes.

I started feeling like a kid on the playground who was picked last for dodge ball. I wanted to go and play too! Becoming a Mum I knew that this day would come. I did my best to prepare for it, but I guess that wasn’t good enough. I know that once you become a Mum you can’t always do what you want (ha you’re lucky if you get to finished a cup of coffee warm). I didn’t even get to enjoy my evening of silence, I was too busy wallowing in my self pity. The next morning it had dawned on me that I had the perfect ‘Mum Evening’ and I blew it (where is the redo button?).

I know that there are going to be many many more events that one parent will attend and the other will stay home with the wee one.  I need to just step back and breath for a moment and appreciate the silence. My friends understand that my husband and I won’t be able to attend ever event. The joys of parenthood. I love my daughter, but everything is adjustment. I’m still use to the ‘get up and go’ policy.

I guess that’s why rock, paper, scissors was invented.

xoxo Ashley


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