Love Child Organics

I am all about making things easier for everyday life. Scarlett has been eating solids since we about 5 an half months old. It’s not always easy to feed her while we’re out, there aren’t a lot of healthy options. French fries, greasy burgers, cookies, pastries, etc… so when my step Mum brought Love Child Organics to my attention, well a whole new world opened up. 

love child

They are so many delicious options to choose from. They are excellent to just throw in the diaper bag and take with you where ever you are going. Now Scarlett eats what ever we eat, not pureed all the time, but let me tell you she LOVES these, all of them. 

love child packs

They are a healthy organic option for our kids, no added nonsense. They are actually made in Canada, Whistler BC to be exact! They are easily accessible, you don’t have to go to the fancy health food store on the other side of town, I can just go to Wal-Mart or Superstore. Love Child Organics are very affordable, which as a Mum I very much appreciate. I have tasted a few pack and they are delicious, I can see why Scarlett sits in her highchair smiling her biggest smile wanting more. 

Scarlett and I recently won a Love Child Organic prize pack through My So Called Mommy Life. YAY!!!! Pretty awesome feeling, winning a prize pack from a company you tell everyone to try! 


prize pack and scarlett

prize pack letter

prize pack mess

Love Child Organics

xoxo Ashley


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