My Santa Fe

I recently purchased a new vehicle. AND WOW!!!! I absolutely love love love it. It is a 2014 Santa Fe Sport! I traded in a 2002 Santa Fe and I loved that car, I had it for about 4 years and it served me very well. But the time came where I had to trade up. 

My 2002 Santa Fe was perfect to drive a baby around. She had a stroller and a diaper bag (a very large diaper bag). She didn’t take up a whole lot of room in the car… though now… now it’s turning into a different story. She has a diaper bag, a backpack, blanket, shoes, hat, coat and that all gets just tossed around in the car. We have a Graco three wheeled stroller and I love it but it’s huge. In the 2002, it took up the whole back, you couldn’t even put 1 grocery bag in the back. We ran out of room in a hurry. 


Well now my 2014, ahh so much room. We have Scarlett in a rear facing Graco My Ride 65, it’s not a small seat. She had things (socks, sock monkey, Sophie the Giraffe, etc) to entertain her, but she flips them all over the place. Then her stroller, well it fits nicely in the back and takes up maybe half of the back. I can fit a whole grocery shop in there WITH the stroller still in the back. AMAZING!!!! It’s better on gas, which is great for me because I have quiet a drive to and from work and the extra money a week I don’t have to pay in gas, well that goes to food and/or diapers. 

I am in love with this vehicle. It is an great addition to the family!

Are you happy with your vehicle? What feature do you love best about it?

xoxo Ashley


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