Not Just a mom

I really don’t like when you are in a conversation with someone, a women, and you ask ‘oh so what do you?’ and her reply is, “Oh I’m JUST a Mum” This infuriates me. Just a Mum… Mums are like superheros. The moment your child is brought into the world, everything changes and in among those changes is the ability to be so much more then ‘just a Mum’. Just a Mum, you are glue. You are everything to your child! Say it loud and say it proud… I AM A MUM! 

When people ask what you ‘do’, my reply is that I am a working Mum. The response is usually a wrinkled up face and a sympathetic sound that translates to, oh I’m so sorry. Why? Don’t be, I choose this. I love this. Yes, it is difficult and some times the only thing you can do is have a nice hot shower and cry! That’s ok. You’re aloud too. 

There is no such thing as just a Mum! Us Mum are so so so much more. 

We are:

Jungles Gyms when nothing else is entertaining, we are! 

Nurses who fixes  the rashes, fevers, little scratches and the bumps and bruises

Referees sometimes you just have to break it up – fair play!

House cleaners the laundry, dishes, floors, toys, etc have to get put away

Chefs OK Daddy may be the chef in the house. I give credit where credit is due! He makes sure we stay healthy

Taxi Drivers The little munchkins have very busy schedules swimming lessons, play dates, etc 

Photographers Mums, we document every cute little thing! 

Nose Wiper even when there is no cold to tend to, the nose is always in need of a wipe

Cheerleader I encourage Scarlett in everything, pointing, clapping, not hitting!

Blankets I think Mums are the best blankets, just wrapper your arms right around your baby

Nutritionist I need to make sure that what I give my daughter to eat is going to make her strong and healthy

Teacher all lessons good and bad need a teachers guidance 

Storyteller the imagination between a Mum and her kids, the stories are endless

Ladies the list goes on. Don’t define yourself because you don’t wake up and leave the house to go to work, you are doing exactly what you’re suppose to. I am doing exactly what I’m suppose too. Yes I wish that I could spend more time with my daughter, however, I am being the best Mum I know how, that means I get up and leave the house before the sun is up so that i can get home and spend the evening with my munchkin. I am doing what I think is best (well my husband are doing what we think is best) 

What is your favourite part of being a Mum? 

xoxo Ashley


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