Back to the Grid with a Twist

I have survived the first week back to work, and I have only cried 3 times. Scarlett has not cried once, YAY!!! I think this little munchkin is stronger then I am! I’m so very proud of her, and myself. I’m very impressed with Auntie Katie, she is doing an amazing job! We are all going to get the hang of this in no time. 

The morning I went back to work, there was a beautiful sun rise, soI took it as a good sign and that everything would be OK. And it was. The today started with only a few tear (by yours truly) but everything went smooth. I missed my daughter with out a doubt but it was a good day!


 was sitting at my desk today, writing an email and I stopped and thought, ‘WOW, I have slipped right back into this with amazing ease.’ I think that was the thing that was missing for my self esteem, was my job. I have the best situation possible for our lives right now. I am very fortunate for the support system i have at work, my husband gets an A+, my daughter is in excellent hands while Mummy and Daddy are working. I am very grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to us! 


xoxo Ashley


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