New Chapter

Well the day has arrived. I must leave my sweet little love of mine and rejoin the work force. 

I am terrified. I am excited. I am completely lost as to how I am ‘suppose’ to feel. I am actually feeling really nervous, I have that knot in my stomach feeling, you know the feeling, you’re not sure if you are doing something right, you’re worrying over the little thing and well things you can’t control. I want to scream and cry, I force myself to think about something else. I do think about something else, until this shifty brain of mine loops back to, ‘HEY YOU HAVE TO GO BACK TO WORK TOMORROW’. 

I’ve cried twice today. I really don’t know how I am going to walk out that door tomorrow. I am having bitter sweet emotions that Drew gets to drop her off in the morning but I get to pick her up at the end of the day. I can’t wait to see her smile. She has a beautiful smile. 

You stay at home Mums, I hope you know how lucky you have it. But like I said, bitter sweet. I love my job but I love love my little girl. 

I hope tonight last a little big longer. 


xoxo Ashley


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