I’m Proud of You

I was sitting enjoying my morning coffee, while watching Scarlett flip through a book. I became overwhelmed with emotions of pride and love! She is slowly figuring out how objects work and soon she will learn why we use them too. I crawled down on the floor with her and hugged her. I told her I loved her and that I was so proud of her. We then proceeded to read her little farm book. 


While enjoying this sweet moment with Scarlett, I thought to myself, ‘Why is it that parents are the ones telling there children how proud they are of them? And you never hear a child telling their parent how proud they are of them? I know I would love to hear that more often, why wouldn’t they then.

Once Scarlett was down for her nap, I sat down and pulled out a piece of paper and a pen and I wrote a letter. Yup, a good ol fashion letter to my Dad. In the past few months I have realized what parent actually do for there children. The sacrifices that they make, the love and effort that they put into everything, the time spent teaching them something as simple as ‘Please and Thank you’. 

Now, I should back up just a bit here, my parents got a divorce when I was very young (5 years old). My sister and I lived with my Mom and saw my Dad every other weekend. Somewhere along the way we stopped seeing my Dad as often, then just on birthdays and holidays. I don’t know if it was because we were growing up and started to get a social life, or if there were other factors at work but it happened. My Dad moved a little farther away and then we really never saw him. I suppose when you are young and in the moment you take things like that for granted, spending time with your parents. The sad realization is that, one day they won’t be there for you to just pop by and have a visit.


I pride myself on not having any regrets, I don’t want to live my life regretting the choices I’ve made but I do wish that I had spent more time with my Dad. He has taught me so much and he is just a goof ball like me. I look at myself and I see my Dad. He sacrificed a lot for his kids. You can look at a situation a millions way but what he did over the years, he did because he loved my sister and I so much, even if it meant not seeing us. Without even knowing it, his choices made me who I am. They made me strong, smart, independent, maybe a little closed off but every choice he made, shaped me. I am happy. I have a beautiful daughter who I love more then anything in the world. I have a husband who is beyond amazing. I am happy!

Dad, I am proud of you! I am proud to be your daughter, your blood. I wouldn’t be who I am without you. 

Now in the short months that I have been a parent, I have learnt that all you want is for your kids is for them to be happy (well one of the things you want them). Hope that the choices you make reflect on them the best way possible. Despite my parents being divorced and what I think to be very different child raising methods, they did good. I am not an addict. I make smart life choices. I learn from my mistakes. I am rich in love and happiness. I am where I am suppose to be in my life. 


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